St. Joseph the Worker Parish

There are many ways that you can contribute in church. You can assist with different ministries and volunteer within the St. Joseph the Worker Parish. Volunteering in our parish can be a way to give back and become involved in other individual's lives. For more information on ways in which you can make a difference please contact the parish office at 570-323-9456.

Music Ministry - Choir or Cantor
You could help out with music ministry and help out the choir director or develop a church music team of your own.

Usher Ministry
Be an usher in church. You could greet and seat those as they enter into church.

Cleaning Ministry
Volunteer to help clean the church.

Fundraiser Ministries
Be part of a team who assists with church fundraisers. Volunteers are always needed and very much appreciated.

Youth Ministry
Volunteer to help youth who need help and you could give them guidance. Become a Religious Education Teacher, or a Chaperone for field trips.

Help the Mass by reading from Scripture.

Eucharistic Minister Help the Mass by distributing the Eucharist

Funeral Meals
Help serve the meals for funerals.

Visiting the Homebound
Some of our faithful parishioners are unable to get out and make it to Mass. This Ministry brings communion to them and spends time visiting.

Helping Hands
Many of our seniors need help around the house, in the yard and in getting rides.